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Nitzer Ebb - 'Body of Work' Compilation Details-

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There is no set release date yet, but NE and Mute are working on may 2006 to fit with the first show at WGT. They have decided to change the format slightly, so there will be:

1. Body Of Work CD
a 2 disc cd released by Mute that will have all the singles and related tracks (rareties such as bonus tracks that were very limited etc) on disc 1 and then disc 2 will contain original remixes and maybe some very rare or unreleased ones too.

2. Body Of Work Vinyl
Mute will also release a cut down vinyl version of Body Of Work containing the classic and most sort after (by dj's) remixes.

3. Body Of Work DVD
partly due to the large amount of footage that is spread around the globe and partly because they want to shoot and include footage from the upcoming tour, they will postpone the release of the dvd to the autumn. it will contain all the videos and plenty of never before seen footage from the entire history of Nitzer Ebb.

4. Body Of Work Microsite
will be online soon and containing all informations to the Body Of Work Releases.


Nitzer Ebb Remix Compilation

Novamute will release another remix compilation containing all the more recent remixes as well as 2 new remixes, 1 by MOTOR, and another tbc. Further information as soon as these were announced.'
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